Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dark Side of the Moon

This concept has been stuck in my head for a couple weeks now and I wanted to start writing it since my mind refused to forget about it. There will either be two or three parts. I have not decided yet. Dark Side of the Moon, a companion piece to The Flower Girl, follows the beginning of the relationship between Turkish Forster and Margaret Lombard, Molly’s parents, and it is now posted on Fictionpress.com. Please check it out for me and let me know what you think about it. Thank you very much.

Young Meg

Young Turkish


Hina said...

I was hoping that you would write something about Turkish and Meg!

I always love companion stories! Turkish's and Meg's characters are so mysterious...not much is known about them so I'm glad you posted something to show us what they were like when they first met and fell in love.

Thanks Kate!

Anonymous said...

I really like it! Turkish and Meg sound so adorable. I wish someone would ask me out on a date like Turkish asked Meg! Please post more soon!

Anonymous said...

Another branch off of my favorite story! Yes! I really love how Turkish and Meg first met, and how he suddenly came out of no where and asked her out. I really can't wait to see how the date goes! Please post more soon!

Anonymous said...

Aw, sweetness!

Meg and Turkish are adorable.

Can't wait to read more.


Rocio said...

Great first start, definitely had me reading. I could feel the intensity of his first glimpse of Meg. The one thing I was iffy about is her going to meet a random man in a motel. You saved it, though, by having them meet in the lobby.

Can't wait to read more and thanks for updating TPT!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can't wait to read the next part!

I'm supposed to be studying for my exams but all I seem to be doing is reading your stories! Good distraction ;)

L x

Nhi said...

I love the story.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm supposed to be studying too! Your stories are too addicting. In a good way.