Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here I Go Again

I have decided to post Blood and Honey once again on even though it didn't get that much attention when posted over there the first time. This is one of my personal favorites and if I love it, that's all that should matter. I love the characters of Matt Reilly and Lindsey Holland and the story is very personal to me and I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to read it. Also, I posted a new chapter of The Prize on This is the story everyone always wants me to update more than any other one so now that I have, please read and review for me. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

O my goodness a 2 chapters in 2 days, Sammy must be the best baby in the world for you to make time like that to write. You have truly been blessed. I'm happy you are sharing Blood and Honey with fictionpress because it was a great story and as long as you like it and know it is good you can't worry about what anyone else thinks. When we are buying your stories instead of been blessed with them for free, everyone will want to tell you how great you were. Just remember I told you 1st. Well at least, before you blew up.

Anonymous said...

oh, only one chapter, but it was a great one.


Anonymous said...

yes ^^ thank you very much !!

Is the man on the picture the same one you choose on your first pictures of "blood and honey" ? I can't recognize him ... this one look more gentle no?

soory I have to go read those new chapter lol I can to thank you before reading it !!

Anonymous said...

" Also, I posted a new chapter of The Prize on "

I'm so sorry, I re-read Blood and honey ^^ but I didn't understand, is there a new chapter of The prize on AFF ? coz the last one is still the chapter 13 .. so maybe I didn't understand your message ^^"
You are an excellent writer !!

bulma-veggie french fan

Anonymous said...

Great Chapter!

Anonymous said...

I'm confussed..Did you delete Blood and Honey from again?
Because I went on your profile and it's no longer there.
Anyways, if you did, I'll just go read the rest on!

Update soon..