Saturday, June 23, 2007

And The World Spins Madly On

Thank you everyone for the warm get-well wishes. You all make me feel so special and I love you for that. I have been out of the hospital for a few days now and am going stir-crazy. I am so tired of being in the bed but I am getting better, slowly but surely. And for those who asked, the baby is fine too. We also found out that it's going to be a boy.

I know there are many eagerly awaiting an update for The Prize and I promise that I am working on it. I can't promise though when it will be posted. Thanks for being patient. I have passed the time by reading, a lot, and I started reading over some of my stories again. My god, I forgot how angsty Beyond the Grey Sky was! While reading it, I actually made myself depressed. After reading it, my brain started thinking about Reed and Cami's relationship and where it would have gone after the story ended. Therefore, I am working on a continuation. It might either be a one-shot or a very short multi-chapter story. I'm not sure yet but I do know that Cami and Reed need a very happy ending. Hopefully, if I can finish writing it, it will be posted within the next few days so be on the lookout for that. Once again, thanks for being so patient with me. I have the best readers.




Amanda said...

Well I have to say that I am glad that you are feeling alot better and so is the baby. Congratulation on your baby being a boy. I cannot wait to read more of the Prize when you are feeling better and the continuation of Reed and Cami story. I glad that you are feeling better and I cannot wait to read more of your wonderful stories.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Good for you and the family! I'm very glad you and baby are doing better and hope that you continue to do so. You've given me sooooo much happy entertainment, that I can only reciprocate with heartfelt support. ^_^

As for your work, the continuation with Reed and Cami sounds fantastic! While I'm all for author's leaving the "happily ever after" to the reader's imagination. I would be so bold to say that, for me, that path to "happily ever after" with Cami and Reed didn't seem so solid; not like it did with Olivia and Ben...even before "Laundry Night". Did that make any sense?

Anyhow, be well and take lots of care sweetie!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are healthy again! I love the idea of a continuation of Cami and Reed's story.

By the way, may I ask who is the guy who portrays Reed? He is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're out of the hospital and feeling better. Thank God the baby is fine and you of course. Aw, your little girl will have two brothers to annoy her, haha, I can relate because I grew up with two brothers too.

You are officially my favorite person who I don't even know. Why you ask? Well, you just recovered from an illness and you're already thinking of Reed and Cami and their happy ending! I'll be happy to read whatever you write because you've already proven to me your abilities. Just please take care of yourself and don't stress out over it because we have only one Kate aka templeton.


Anonymous said...

I'm soooo happy you are feeling better. I know you said you were sick, but for some reason I never thought Hospital Sick! Please take care of yourself, don't put too much pressure on yourself. We have waited this long, and we will wait much longer if that means you are feeling better.


strawberris said...

i hope u get better kate! stay in bed and rest because its good for you. Congradulations on having a baby boy and may you and your family be blessed with good fortune day after day after months and years. i'll be waiting quietly for ur next chapters.

Anonymous said...

omg I love that song!!! I am glad you are doing okay and that your baby is gine, take your time in writing and take care of yourself!!

Rachel said...

im glad to hear that you and better and i am really looking forward to the new story!! i am alos glad that your baby is ok.

Kina said...

Hayden Christensen I believe is the person whom Kate is using as her Reed character..

Kate I am so happy to read an update from you! I said a prayer for you last time you updated, I shall say another prayer again this time! The stories can wait, your health comes first!!
But of course, that doesn't mean I can wait anxiously for your next fictionr update : )

I hope for a quick recovery for you!
How many months till the baby is due?

Sorry for the many questions..did you read the poem I posted as a comment about two updates back? It was for you! : )

Anonymous said...

Good news to hear that you're feeling better, and hope your health is good to you :] Can't wait for more updates, reading your stories is escapism for me, so thank you for that.

On a random tangent, something came to mind. On AFF, quite a while back, if my memory serves me right, you had a few stories about a couple called Dan and Molly? If I'm thinking of someone else, I apologise profusely, but I was wondering what happened there.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you are feeling better. I will continue to pray for you.