Friday, March 30, 2007

The Votes Are In

After reading all of the comments from the blog, AFF, and all of the emails, the winner for the next story will be focusing on Reed Simms and Cami Hall. Thank you to all of those who let me know their opinions and I am honored that I have so many readers who care about what I write. For those who wanted Ryan, do not worry. He will have his own story eventually.

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Anonymous said...


I finally checked out your character picks for "The Lion and the Lamb" and I must they're a bunch of good looking people. Even though Reed/Cami won for the next story I am happy to hear about a Ryan story in the near future as well.

The actor that you picked to be Ryan was actually who I thought Brady Reed would look like, haha. I think you have a thing for guys with the name Reed. Thanks. Have a good weekend Kate.

7years aka Sam or Sammie or whatever, ahaha.