Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reed, Cami, and Joe

Here are pictures of Reed, Cami, and Joe from The Lion and the Lamb. I know that Cami has just been barely introduced, but her character will have a bigger part as the story continues. I'm not satisfied with the Reed picture but I've been looking everywhere and it is the best I could do.




SFC Omicron said...

Hey, don't worry about the picture for Reed's model. It seems to suit him, though I know he doesn't, in your opinion. You can see the charm in that model's eyes, and I can see that in Reed as well.

Your character model for Joe I've seen somewhere before, though I can't put my finger on where.

Good job again. This is really starting to come together.

jcc said...

Hey, nice to hear that you are planning for your next story. I for one would like a story with the character of Ryan Reed, there is just something about him that is very appealing to me to read about.

You’re doing an awesome job with your stories, so it won’t matter to me which one you decide to write first. Of course my pick would be the one with Ryan Reed.