Friday, August 7, 2009

Alice Fowlers

So, I have no idea if anyone checks this blog anymore especially since I have been putting so much time on my livejournal but I had an idea and I was thinking of maybe working on it. It would be about Alice Fowlers and her son, Simon from The Flower Girl. I would be continuing Soldier Boy but much of it would be tweeked and there would be some changes along the way. Would anyone be interested in reading this? Please just let me know.



kayoko said...

I'd read it. I actually like Simon a lot as a character.

A short background story on Alice and Brookston would be nice. I would love to read about how they fell in love and fought to stay together.


Anonymous said...

I for one still read this blog. I like reading how a particular story came about or what you have planned in the ways of your writing.
As for the story about Simon, if you do decide to write it, I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I still read this blog, I love to read about your ideas, or even your daily life.... I was sad that you were gone for so long, I thought you left us for good.
I'm glad to see that you didn't.
I would love to read more about Simon and Alice, I loved them in Flower Girl.
Do you plan on posting them back?
Do you plan on updating Ben/Olivia story again?
I cant wait to hear more from you.


Anonymous said...

I still periodically check your blog and see if you've posted something new. I'm happy to see you start writing again... you know, other than fan fiction. lol. I really miss your old fictionpress/adultfanfiction work!

Anonymous said...

Always ready for everything you write ^^


any Ben olivia updates?

Anonymous said...

I check the blog every other day to see if there has been anything new added. I liked the beginning of "Soldier Boy" the first time you posted it. I will read the new one if and when you post it.


Caryn said...

I definitely will read it! Ive been checking almost every day just to see if you have posted anything new!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

I miss your updates on this blog and story. Yes, I would definitely be interested. The actress who portray Alice is beautiful. I still check on this blog but once I know you are definitely coming back I'll be checking daily.


Jettatura said...

Well, I certainly still read this. I have it bookmarked, actually. That way I check it, right? And I would very much love a story about Simon.

With what we know of his parents' story, he's already bounded into light. And your writing is always great to read.


Lara said...

sadly i check ALL of the time for any updates on your writing, so if that doesnt make it clear enough: OF COURSE ID BE INTERESTED IN READING ANYTHING [ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING] from you !!!!

anyway, any chance of you reposting your old stories anywhere???--the ones that you posted on AFF but not on fictionpress??? i really missed some of those and only read your notice that youd take them down a bit too late ad thought that since you'd give an update on when i'd still have time to reread them at some point...

*sigh*, sorry for the rambling there lol

Naoise said...

Yes, I'd be interested. Very much so. : )

Jae said...

Do you have your stories posted on livejournal? If you do, can I add you =)

a fan, a very very BIG fan! said...

you know... there's this site that another (well a few) authors have started joinign after the plagerizing-fest on fictionpress (the one from whom i learned of it was the author who wrote once bitten and the importance of getting revenge as well as tatiana moore of the starter boyfriend--incase those stories mean anythign to you as they were UBER popular)

anyway, it's called and is run by harper collins publishing. it's a rather safe method of posting all of your work as they've taken as many percautions as they can to prevent the possibility of people being able to just copy paste your work and sell it off as heir own through disabling any click options over the text as well as copy paste options on the menu bar.... it's something to look into if you're interested. plus, the publishers actually look into authors posting based on popularity, and given your following ehre along with the ones you'd surely gain there (i think) you'd have a good chance of being noticed there. it could be a first step towards publication, and an easy one at that.

they have a page there (FAQs and all the sort) where they clarify various details/facts, too...

Anonymous said...

I would definately read this. The Flower Girl is one of my favourite stories of yours!!

Also, another author I follow has started using to post her stories as it's a safe site, run by harper collins and as a reader is easy to use! Thought you might like to check it out if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the comment before mine also mentioned Sorry for repeating!!


Anonymous said...

yeah i would totally more about Simon and Alice, I loved them in Flower Girl.
Do you plan on updating the Ben/Olivia story again?
I cant wait to hear more from you.
lots of love

Anonymous said...

Definite interest!

I still check your blog every now and again.. =)


Anonymous said...

BTW, was just thinking about Ben and Olivia while helping my mother with dinner preps! I remembered vaguely a scene where Olivia's mother got to meet Ben..